Specific Recommendations

***The Best Facial Mask Recommendations for your specific skin type for targeted results***

When doing your skin care regimen it is important to understand the benefits of the best facial masks and product rotation. There are some product lines that will yield amazing results, but generally it is a great idea to use different product lines at different times. Our skin condition changes over time as we age and therefore, so do our skin care requirements. Every skin care company wants you to use their entire product line because of course this is best for their sales results. Skin care companies have some products that work very well and others that are not so great. What is more important for your skin care regimen is that you use the best products that any company can offer you for optimal results.

The best facial masks are such a wonderful pampering product and each one offers you unique benefits. Rotating two or three facial masks is optimal, using a mask twice a week as part of your skin care regimen, except for time-intensive masks used every day in short periods for blemish-prone skin. By rotating the best facial masks you get a multitude of benefits from the key ingredients that each mask has to offer your skin. Also this keeps your face from having a build-up of occlusive ingredients which over time reduces their effectiveness. Our skin care regimen should be deeply cleansing, anti-aging, exfoliating, and able to draw toxins from the pores. It should leave the skin soft, smooth, firm, radiant and moisturized. Through trial and error product sampling we have discovered which facial masks work best for each individual based on a variety of demographic factors. In this section we provide you with specific recommendations for your skin care regimen with information on which masks to use in rotation and what the yielded results will be.

Specific Recommendations Test
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