Top 20 Beauty Blogs of 2013

July 29th, 2013

As new skincare products continue to infiltrate the market at a record pace, staying on top of things can be a neverending task. Some of the best free skincare product reviews and information can be found via the top beauty blogs of 2013. The reported results are from actual product useage and aim to inform the potential consumer. Keeping up with beauty blog posts is both fun and enlightening. They can also offer product discount specials, fashion and style trend advice, cosmetic and makeup tutorials, hair care tips, and more. We have compiled a list of some of the very best lesser known beauty blogs and hope that you can enjoy the wealth of information that they provide.   

  1. 15 Minute Beauty - Christine offers reviews and tutorials on beauty and makeup routines that can be done quickly as part of a busy daily schedule.
  2. Afrobella - Patrice Grell Yursik shares practical advice for beauty and hair care treatments for women of all hair colors and textures.
  3. All About The Pretty - Julia Coney's niche lifestyle website for curated information on beauty, food, travel, and yoga.
  4. Beauty 411 - Fair and honest reviews on cosmetic and skin care with up to date trends for your beauty regimen.
  5. Beauty Blogging Junkie - An expert in beauty, style, and spa treatment reviews, Amber Katz runs this blog of beauty news, pop culture, and personal anecdotes.
  6. Beauty Fool - Renee Lorentzen's Singapore-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog includes makeup tips, restaurant reviews, health and fitness tips, and style trends.
  7. Daily Cookie - Lilan's blog of all things beautiful including food, travel, beauty, and style.
  8. Dulce Candy - After joiing the military and serving time in Iraq, "Dolce Candy" shares her life passion of beauty, style, fashion, and travel tips, reviews, and tutorials.
  9. Green Skin Care Blog - The Grapeseed Company shares organic, natural at home skin care treatments and remedies.
  10. Hello Dollface - Cindy's unbiased skincare product reviews from all natural and organic cruelty-free companies.
  11. Hooked On Beauty - Carissa shares her knowledge on skincare and cosmetic product research, beauty reviews and tips, and how to simplify your makeup routine.
  12. Lipstick and Luxury - Nicole Dantzler shares makeup reviews, skincare tips, and the best foods to stay beautiful in this natural and cruelty-free luxury blog.
  13. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog - With an art history background, Lola Seicento gives skincare and makeup tips and reviews to make beauty a true artform.
  14. Make Her Up - Makeup and real beauty product reviews submitted from the consumer for honest feedback.
  15. Marlas Beauty Blog - Marla Malcolm Beck shares cosmetic and beauty product reviews, testimonials, and unbiased feedback.
  16. Nouveau Cheap - For the economical shoppers, this beauty product review blog is all about beauty on a budget and the best deals and discounts.
  17. Painted Ladies - An inspirational blog to empower women through the best makeup, skincare, and haircare product reviews.
  18. Phyrra - This all-in-one blog offers reviews, tutorials, and advice for the best products in skincare, hair, nails, and fashion.
  19. The Beauty Brains - Cosmetic science explained in a practical, unbiased, and simplied way so that you can make more informed decisions with the purchase of your skin care products.
  20. This That Beauty - Felicia Walker Benson shares her passions in this blog featuring beauty news, product reviews, industry news and reviews, and fashion trends.

Make this the year that you get most informed on your skincare, hair care, and makeup regimens. Keep up with industry trends and real consumer reviews with the top 20 beauty blogs of 2013. Don't be left wondering which products are right for you, be certain.


Author: John Mathews

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